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Gerald Trimble's Celtic/World Music Sessions is a new monthly performance series featuring world music innovator Gerald Trimble performing with different artists from Kansas City's rich Celtic music scene. The Series premier guest is David Agee, veteran fold and traditional music multi-instrulmentalist. A key member of Kansas City's first Irish music group,Talisman (founded by Trimble in 1978). Agee now appears regularly with the Kelly Band and other local artists. Additional guests include Kathry Agee on keyboards and percussion accompaniment by Serdar Tuncten. Stone Spirit Lodge offers a performance space reminiscent of early coffeehouse or chamber music settings providing an intimate musical interaction between performers and audiences.
Stone Spirit Lodge
Kansas City MO
$7.00 in advance or at the door. Special discounts
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Wednesday, August 24 @ 8:00 pm
Gerald Trimble's Celtic/World Music Sessions

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