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Waiting is generally a passive experience. We are not in control -- we are asked to follow specific formalities and procedures as we agonize over the time spent or wasted. We obsess on whose turn is next. In the medical waiting room this sense of powerlessness can be compounded by anxiety over the implications of examination and treatment. The Drop-In/Pop-Up Waiting Room Project and M-PACT (Medical Policy Access & Care Triage) Interface turns this dynamic upside down. This mobile art project seeks to exchange ideas and explore the complexities, incongruities, and possibilities of public healthcare policies, access, medical research, and public opinion. The core question is, What are you waiting for? Part of the project will be on view at the Spencer Museum of Art at all times. The other part of the project -- the pop-up waiting room and interactive station -- will visit various locations in the community and region, from bank lobbies and medical facilities to community centers. Anyone who happens on the pop-up waiting room can sit in a chair, listen to stories and interviews, and express his or her thoughts on the state of healthcare in this election year.
Spencer Museum of Art
Lawrence KS
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Sunday, January 27

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