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 SSG III is designed for persons wanting to learn how to complete the SSG by hand vs. using the software. SSG III completes both the front and back sides of the Guide. Entries on the visual portion of the front of the Guide include debt, insider and institutional holdings, and latest quarter sales and earnings. Historical Sales and EPS growth rate will be analyzed, and a projected rate of growth will be estimated. On the back side, management is examined along with determining a P/E and price range for an acceptable buying opportunity. Additionally, we calculate Relative Value (RV), determine the amount of risk, if bought, estimate the average yield, and the compound total return. Please bring pens or colored pencils, a ruler, calculators, and the green BetterInvesting Stock Selection Handbook to all classes. A printed PowerPoint handout of each class presentation will be provided.
Fort Leavenworth Armed Forces Insurance Conference Room
Fort Leavenworth KS
Conferences & Tradeshows Sales & Retail
Saturday, November 3 @ 8:30 am

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