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Xana Winans, President Golden Proportions Marketing30 Marketing Techniques That Work for the Next 30 DaysThe best marketing ideas are ones you can put into action quickly and cost effectively. Xana Winans of GPM will offer up 30 innovative marketing ideas that you can put into action in the next 30 days for maximum marketing ROI.Kirk Behrendt, President ACT Dental Practice Coaching10 Reliable Tools to Attract More New PatientsEvery practice has a critical number needed for high-quality patients. See Kirk Behrendt give you the 10 most reliable and cost effective marketing tools we have seen in 2012, to hit your number and easily implement tomorrow.Dr. Lee Brady Dentist, Educator & WriterHow to Get 100,000 Hits a Month on Your WebsiteCreating an effective website for your practice can be a daunting task. Dr. Lee Brady will show you how she started with nothing and built a web presence in a very short period, creating an amazing amount of traffic that translated into high-quality, new patients.Chris Savage Founder & CEO of Wistia.comWhere The Future of All Marketing is Going and What to Do About ItOne of the world’s leading authorities on video, marketing, and analytics will show us where the future of all marketing on the web is going. Chris Savage will show us why some of the biggest companies in the world are using his services to up their game.Dr. Gary Sanchez Dentist & Marketing GuruBuilding a Bigger Net to Attract More of the Right PatientsBuilding a successful restorative practice in a small market requires a bigger reach for prospective patients. See how this New Mexico dentist consistently generates 30 new, high-quality patients a month using his groundbreaking campaigns!Dr. John Gordon Dentist, Speaker & Coach7 Keys to Making Your Marketing Work in Turbo Changing TimesMarketing for new patients can prove to be a very expensive venture. To ensure your ROI is strong, you have to make sure it all works. Dr. John Gordon will share the 10 keys that he and his team use to ensure that your marketing works.Download Registration Form and fax it to 413.556.2237
Culinary Center of Kansas City
Overland Park KS
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Thursday, January 3 @ 2:30 pm

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