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Internet Lead Generation and Lead Conversion Magic- November 7th, 9am - 4pm - Kansas City“I started using The Ballen Method a few months ago and my internet traffic has doubled every month. This weekend I have/had appointments with 4 different buyers from my internet leads. Last week closed 2 clients that originated as internet leads. Thanks   for sharing your success with us.” ~ Cindy from LouisianaSpend a Day with Richard And Lori Ballen as they take you on a Magic Carpet Ride through the in’s and out’s of Internet Lead Generation and Conversion through Cultivation.  After you take your Magician’s Oath to never tell how it’s done, the instruction will begin……..If you could cast a spell and suddenly have the ability to conjur up HUNDREDS of internet leads a month
Keller Williams Meeting Room
Overland Park KS
Conferences & Tradeshows Sales & Retail
Wednesday, November 7 @ 9:00 am

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