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UMBER Umber was born in early February 2012., Umber entered the studio in late February to begin recording of the debut E.P."Skeleton Key" The band recorded for over a month Around this time, Umber took a different direction that fit the band's personal tastes Ghosts of Normandy Ghost$ of Normandy (G Money) is an experimental hardcore band from Kansas City. Give us a listen, Give us a 'like' but in the end, we gonna be alright. Damned by The Pope Started in 2008 as a joke, the band had been born, renewed in 2012 but in a much, much more serious manner. The band known as DAMNED BY THE POPE has now entered the studio with a line up that's been quiet constant and sure to bring the noise; Spencer on guitar, Daniel on drums, Lee on bass and the newest member to the line up and vocalist, Micah. Playing fast but groovy riffs, lower than brown noise with a crash to go with it, topped off by brutal gut ripping lows and blood curdling high vocals, DAMNED BY THE POPE is sure to be on the watch list for up and coming bands in 2012 and hoping to start playing live shows early November, come slam with us in a ritual of brutality.
Czar Bar
Kansas City MO
$3.00 - $5.00
Concerts & Tour Dates Other & Miscellaneous
Monday, November 19 @ 7:00 pm

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