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A hands on, one-day training event to kick your inquiry and innovation skills into high gear and transform you into an insights ninja. No previous training required.Why does a world class chef buy Spam? Why does a mom say she would never buy her a 9 year old an iPhone, then go out and do it anyway? Why is the $1000 dollar gift the one we soon forget, but we keep the flowers we received for our anniversary for 20 years, pressed and framed. We do these things because as much as we would like to be able to quantify people, human being are complex and live in a  system of actions, symbols and behaviors. Uncovering the system is where innovation lies. And where innovation lies, so lies the money.The cultural safari is an interactive learning opportunity that will help you uncover new ways to think about your business and your customers. This participatory one-day immersive, interactive  experience will give you a deeper understanding of:     > What to know about culture and how it impacts a brand’s success     > How to think about culture and innovation     > How to speak to the value of research for fueling design efforts       > How to sharpen your research skills & hone your abilities to find insights anywhere (yes, anywhere)     > How to find, capture, curate, and create from data     > How to conduct yourself in the field     > How to mine the richness of daily life for cultural symbolism Join Gavin Johnston and Tamara Christensen on November 8, 2012 at The Idea Loft for a deep dive into the world of insight-inspired innovation!
The Idea Loft
Kansas City MO
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Thursday, November 8 @ 8:30 am

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