Supporting Bands: Soft Reeds They say location is everything, so it should come as no surprise to learn that the aesthetic shift audible on Diamonds & Death, the fourth album by VHS or Beta, was accompanied by a change of zip code. Two years ago, founding band member Mark Palgy relocated from Louisville, KY to Brooklyn, NY. Six months later, his creative foil, Craig Pfunder, followed. From the backroom disco of their favorite Bushwick watering hole, to DFA Records’ Plantain Studio in the West Village, new surroundings exerted a powerful influence on the predominantly electronic grooves of their first full-length since 2007′s Bring on the Comets.“The pace in New York is a lot faster, and I love that,” says Mark. “You absorb the energy of the people around you here by osmosis.” “Now we’re in a place where we’re learning a lot from other people,” adds Craig. “It’s a totally different dynamic, and it’s been great for us to be in the thick of it. The other key influence on VHS or Beta’s revitalized sound is their work as DJs and remix producers. Since 2008, the duo has put its distinctive stamp on cuts for artists like My Morning Jacket, Tegan and Sara,…Read more about this band
Lawrence KS
Advance: $10 / Day of show: $12
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Monday, November 5 @ 8:00 pm

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