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Supporting Acts: Paul Clark Phil Neal and The Wornall's Prepare to meet The Wornalls: these musical fellow travelers have banded together for the clear purpose of propelling Phil Neal’s music to the stratosphere Biography Over the past thirty five years, Kansas City native Phil Neal has written and recorded dozens of vintage Midwestern rock songs. As front man for the Phil Neal Band, the Power Ties, and the Rockhills he played concerts, clubs and festivals across the local area, building a loyal following. Recently he reunited with his session band from Chapman's studio-such is the power of social media in the digital age. Phil Neal and the Wornalls combine over a hundred and fifty years of experience making them true veterans of the local rock music scene. Description Phil Neal & The Wornalls isn’t exactly a new band nor would you call them an old band. More like some old friends playing new rock songs that sound great-probably the way you like music to sound…a sort of modern retro thing. Phil writes the songs and the Wornalls bring them to life. Together they create scintillating original music, and they care enough to do it right.
Czar Bar
Kansas City MO
$5.00 - $7.00
Concerts & Tour Dates Other & Miscellaneous
Saturday, December 15 @ 8:00 pm

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