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Supporting Acts: THE LUCKY Luke Mitchem You will often find Luke in a charcoal vest, slightly kept beard, displaying a quiet intensity. It's the sweet calm before the emotional storm. The passion and immediacy behind Luke's music is evident in his 3 independent releases since February 2009. Emotional and poetic lyrics about the inspirations in his life are sewn together throughout his songs. This steady flow of genuine music has increased his visibility and earned him comparisons to such notable acts as Ryan Adams, Joe Purdy, Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne. Like most emerging musicians, Luke has led several lives - first as a ballplayer and then as a history teacher. But unable to escape the music, Luke started writing down all those 'ghost songs' swirling in his head. Luke's captive live shows open the listener's heart and soul to a voice familiar but unique. There is a passion behind Luke's songs that have to be witnessed in person. Occasionally, Luke sings without a microphone in front of sold out audiences because there is no better way to express the feelings of hope, love and loss. Intimate and moving stories revealing a believer chasing his dreams.
Czar Bar
Kansas City MO
Concerts & Tour Dates Other & Miscellaneous
Saturday, November 17 @ 6:00 pm

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