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Our speaker is Piet Stuifbergen, of Stuifbergen Bulb Export BV. Piet has spent just about his whole life in the bulb business, starting as a young kid peeling bulbs at his uncle’s place, where he got paid about one guilder per basket. After going to a special bulb school at age 13, he graduated at a higher bulb school in the City of Hoorn at 16 years old. He then started working full time for a large bulb grower and exporter to Canada, where he worked two winters packing bulbs. After that stage he went to work for H. Verdegaal and Sons, a large hyacinth grower and exporter to the USA. He went on the road as their Midwest salesman. After 8 years he started his own company and they have grown ever since. Piet will show us how to force bulbs, so we can have a little color come January while we are waiting for spring to arrive. He will also tell us about new varieties of bulbs and the direction the bulb industry is headed. For more information, contact Brad Lucht at 816.941.2445 or email GreaterKCGOA@gmail.com. Guests are always welcome. Come join us and make a gardening friend!
The Garden Center at Loose Park
Kansas City MO
Organizations & Meetups
Monday, November 5 @ 6:00 pm

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