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Or HaOlam Congregation (OrHaOlam.com) presents a film that audiences around the world have been raving about. “The Sound of the Spirit” (www.soundofthespiritmovie.com) is the never-before-told story of beautiful and precocious Rivka, a young Messianic Jewish girl who loses her last remaining parent as she prepares for her bat mitzvah. When she moves in with her traditional Jewish aunt and uncle, she is caught in the crossfire of strong feelings between two faith communities.“The Sound of the Spirit” was just released in early September, and it has already been officially selected for it's first film festival and has been extremely favorably reviewed.  Writer-director Michael Robert Wolf from Cincinnati will be our special guest.The Kansas City Premiere will take place on Thursday, November 15th, 7:10 PM at the Glenwod Arts Theater, 9575 Metcalf, (east side of Metcalf Mall, not facing Metcalf Ave.) Overland Park, KS - (913) 642-4404When you purchase your tickets each attendee will be also enrolled for the door prizes.
Glenwood Arts Theatre
Overland Park KS
Film Religion & Spirituality
Thursday, November 15 @ 7:10 pm

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