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Join us for a free day-long conference focused on the best ideas for improving computer performance and the latest thinking about data visualization.  Denise Kalm, a nationally-known and highly-entertaining speaker from the Computer Measurement Group, will join national speakers and local practitioners to supply experience-based and tested tips for improving performance on virtual and stand-alone servers.  Expect to find some old ideas challenged -- and some re-validated.  Anyone interested in measuring, monitoring, forecasting or improving computer performance will find tested, useful and no-nonesense information here - provided by speakers guaranteed not to put you to sleep.Some of the topics on the days' agenda:Why Capacity Mangagement is Dead Who's Afraid of an iPhone Launch? Real Adventures in On-Demand Capacity Planning Death to Dashboards: Alarming & Forecasting Based on Variance Ten (10) Completely Obvious Tuning Tips VMware: Best Practices for Performance & Capacity Management  Lunch provided by Metron-Athene: http://www.metron-athene.comMorning coffee sponsored by CiRBA: http://www.cirba.com For more information, including details on the talks and the speakers, visit our web page: http://www.kccmg.org
Sprint Center
Kansas City MO
Conferences & Tradeshows
Thursday, November 15 @ 8:30 am

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