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You are invited to attendan extraordinary seminar called I.M.A.G.E. featuring Bob Samara.It will change how you think and improve your life forever!  In the jungles of Vietnam, Bob Samara learned vital life lessons about paying attention and managing his mind that helped him to survive in the most dangerous job in the military. As a point man, he and his partner, Rolf, a magnificent 105 lb. German Shepard, stalked the jungle using logic and common sense. Since 1978, Bob has been using the insights he learned in the jungle, the classroom and the locker room to teach others how to improve their lives, both personally and professionally.  He has worked with teams in the NFL and collegiate sports, Top Gun pilots, leading sales professionals and people seeking to create positive change and success in their lives.  This seminar will teach you about how your thinking, your fears, and your perceptions affect your decisions and your results.  The training will help you learn HOW to think in a way that will cause you to be more productive, creative, confident and successful.  These principles will positively change your life and business forever!SEMINAR FEE:  $130 for new attendees & $110 for repeat attendeesPlease bring $10 to pay at door for room rental.Bring your own lunch and water. From first hand experience, we can tell you that this seminar was the single most impacting thing we’ve ever done and it absolutely changed our life!  We are hosting this seminar for other hungry individuals that want to succeed in every area of their life!!Hosted by JJ & Kristie Vogelsberg 913.859.5467 VC ***Note - a Saturday night ADVANCED seminar has been added! 6-9 PM, same location. Please pay $55 to IMAGE at the door that night. You must have attended 3 regular seminars to attend Advanced.    
Home of JJ & Kristie Vogelsberg *** NOTE CHANGE***
Overland Park KS
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Saturday, March 9 @ 9:00 am

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