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Finding Your Inspired Career Path Using Your Marketable Talents, Intuition & Persuasive Abilities By Rich Drinon, M.A.  Would you like to discover your ideal career path? How about examining the skills needed as you prepare for the road ahead?  Finding Your Inspired Career Path addresses these questions and more. The purpose of this book and workshop is to help you: Prepare to do something new with your life Plan for what comes next on your career path Position yourself to manage changes in your current work situation This program will help you understand how to seek so you can find; how to ask so you can receive and how to knock so the door will be opened unto you. The workshop, and companion workbook, provides a series of exercises that will help you: Organize your skills, talents and abilities into a marketable format Receive the right insight and inspiration for your next career move Use persuasive skills to sell or promote your inspired products or services Here is a brief description of the three key areas of the workshop:  Marketable Talents  Recognizing your marketable skills, talents and abilities is followed by your efforts to put that expertise into a form that will appeal to customers, end users, brokers, agents and others who will make decisions about what you offer in the marketplace.   Intuition  Intuition is a gift to every human being. You are fully equipped to receive answers to your prayers, responses to your questions and solutions to your problems. You are more likely to access your intuition if you know how to ask and receive. Having a vision, word or gut feeling about what comes next is just one step on your inspired career path.  Persuasion Persuasion in its most useful form is a highly refined skill that leaves both the persuader and the persuaded feeling good about a decision Being able to persuade others to hire you, utilize your expertise or purchase your products or services is essential in order to start, survive and succeed in the marketplace.
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