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What’s better than a trilogy? Nothing, that’s what. That’s why the “brains” behind Lawrence’s “LOADED FOR BEAR” and “LOADED FOR BEAR #2: IN THE WOODS” are once again inflicting their own unique brand of comedy on the unsuspecting Lawrence populace in “LOADED FOR BEAR 3: ROCKET TO AWESOME”. As always, the show is being presented by Lawrence institution Card Table Theater (“THE VICTOR CONTINENTAL SHOW”). This time, they’re upping the stakes: two hours of live comedy and no-budget film making with no stopping for boring things like scene changes and removing unconscious actors. From bedtime stories to the persecution of marine life, from reality television to 16th century theology no topic is too obscure awesome to escape their comedic wrath. More awesomer than Godfather III and Beastmaster III put together, not quite as awesome as Rocky III (but much sweatier) and (marginally) less evil than Richard III, this soon-to-be-classic is not to be missed. November 16th and 17th at 9:00 p.m. in the Lawrence Arts Center black box theater. Tickets are $9 (18 and over). On sale now!
Lawrence Arts Center Theater
Lawrence KS
Performing Arts
Saturday, November 17 @ 9:00 pm

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