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Claim 14 PDUs for PMP or ACPQualify to take the new Scrum Alliance CSM AssessmentThis course gives the participants actual hands on experience with the basic practices of Scrum with a solid introduction to the principles that frame the practices of a successful agile team.The course is focused on the skills and attributes of a successful ScrumMaster.The Scrum Immersion ExerciseThe participants will get experience through a large Scrum simulation where they will practice and observe the role of ScrumMaster and the other major Scrum Roles.Teams will work together on a project to produce a product that will be presented to the stakeholders near the end of the course.Course Objectives·Why an organization might choose to adopt Scrum·The fundamentals of Scrum·The important aspects of Agile Analysis and Planning·The role of ScrumMaster in all the meetings, processes and decisions of Scrum·The Responsibilities of the Scrum Product Owner to the business and the team·Practical, skill and experience building practice in running Scrum·Instruction and practice to develop your skills as a ScrumMaster in dealing with people·Discussion and practice in dealing with organizational challengesAudienceThis course is aimed at individuals and teams new to Scrum and Agile Software Development or teams that need to level-set terms, understand the principles that drive Scrum and create a common understanding of the roles, meetings and artifacts of Scrum.The ApproachWe believe that the key to a successful Scrum kickoff is a clear and universal understanding of the principals and practices of Scrum on the team.We also believe that while reading about Scrum is a good place to start, the level of understanding that is required to be successful is only achieved by doing Scrum.This workshop puts the participants into a Scrum driven project.The problem domain is one that most participants have never dealt with, thereby creating the opportunity for all participants to learn.When the goals of the Scrum project are presented, the participants know very little about how they will create a workable product in the short time they will have to complete the project.By using agile analysis, agile planning, effort sizing and team work they work together to create a product.Most participants are surprised at the results of their project.Course DetailsThis course is intended for software development teams and professionals.Scrum can be used on other types of projects.Consult with your RippleRock Enterprise Coach for information about customizing this course for your team and organization. Course Topic AreasWhy Adopt Scrum?Software Development as Knowledge WorkThe value of Agile TeamsThe business value focus of ScrumScrum Process BasicsWhat kind of projects benefit most from Scrum?Basic Scrum flow and activitiesScrum Roles and RelationshipsScrum MeetingsScrum ArtifactsScrum Product ManagementProject Tracking and VisibilityDeveloping User StoriesBusiness Value Driven Prioritization
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Thursday, January 31 @ 9:00 am

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