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Ideal for children ages 3-8, each Kids Club concert features activities that encourage your child in music and dance. Kids Club is the perfect way to introduce your child to a lifetime of enjoyment and appreciation of the performing arts. "Pondery" by Nihan Yesil is a one-act chamber opera based on an original short story about a girl who loves to dream. One night, Lilly starts watching the shadows cast by the moon on her bedroom wall. As the shadows get livelier and look less like regular shadows, curious, Lilly decides to explore them. The opera takes place in Lilly's dreamland which is situated behind a life-size shadow screen. Her new friends and guides, the spirit of the pond, the weird twins, and the king of the shadowland, lead her through her adventures. ??Most of the story takes place in this shadow realm where the performers present the story as silhouettes creating an alternate reality. The work takes inspiration from the tradition of Shadow Theater, and is an homage to composer, György Ligeti, who always wanted to write an opera based on Alice in Wonderland, but passed away before he could start the work. "Numera" by Ryan Oldham is a brief chamber opera in three acts. This work will also feature projected shadow art from Ms. Yesil. It takes place in the imaginary land of Numera, a land inhabited by two shapes: the triangle and the square. They get along for the most part, but do have some neighborly squabbles. One day, a new shape arrives in Numera: the circle. Both the square and the triangle are infatuated with the circle. Ultimately, the circle has to choose only one shape to take away from Numera, but which one will the circle choose? The shapes in Numera only speak in numbers. Sets of numbers are strung together to convey language, with each shape having their own unique set of numbers to sing.
White Recital Hall
Kansas City MO
$10 per ticket (each ticket good for one child and
Kids & Family Other & Miscellaneous
Saturday, February 23 @ 10:00 am

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