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Plug Projects is pleased to announce our eighth exhibition, Secrets, featuring work by, Amy Pleasant, Kate Stewart, James Gallagher, Corey Antis, Lisa Young and Jason Glasser When one encounters a work of art that hints at a possibility of meaning but keeps it just out of reach, mystery arises. The balance of what is given and what is obscured creates a potent dynamic of tensions and resolutions. The viewer encountering the work, is then forced to grapple for clues, which are sometimes hidden in the work but are more often located in the viewer’s mind. An art work serves as a catalyst for this process, sending the one who comes to it on a journey of self-discovery. While all along hoping to understand the work, we end up understanding ourselves. Secrets comprises of a group of works from six national and local mid- career artists who embrace a sense of strangeness in their art. Whether paintings, drawings, video, collage or sculpture each piece offers an encounter with the unknown, which may be the elusive spirit of art itself.
Plug Projects
Kansas City MO
Art Galleries & Exhibits
Friday, November 16 @ 6:00 pm

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