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The election is over! In 16 days we will have the survival 12 event at the Midland Metals building, at 1219 Lydia, downtown Kansas City MO, it is my hope that the whole community comes together to help us. We not only need donations financially, and in-kind donations of clothing, hygiene materials, and cooked food items for Kansas City’s biggest potluck dinner. But we also need your physical presence, volunteering to help us do the work that it takes to help us feed and clothe thousands of Kansas City’s poor and homeless. This is a chance for our whole community to come together rather they be Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, to assist those hurting in our community, each one working side by side to make a difference and show the world that Kansas City is one of the few livable cities left, and not only the world, but a chance for our community to show those hurting, those that are poor, or homeless, that God hasn’t forgot them in their time of need. To find out how to help by volunteering, or the times and hours where you can drop off materials for us to hand out to the poor and homeless, or a chance to find out what type of materials we are desperately in need of, please go to our website at www.coppinc.com or call our volunteer coordinator Jon Schuley at 913-871-6436 or email him at (jon4copp@gmail.com). Regardless of your religious preferences Christian Jewish or Muslim, or other this is a chance for you to practice what you’re holy texts teaches you to do when it comes to helping your brothers and sisters that are down and out. This is a chance for you to plant the seed in your children’s mind that helping the poor and homeless is the right thing to do. I might add that we will have security at the facility provided by the Jackson County Sheriff Department; also I would ask that you go to our website at www.coppinc.com and download the flyers about the event and post them in your religious facility for your entire congregation to see where they can check us out, and know about the event and come down and volunteer to help. Also if you could download some of the invite flyers, and as you’re traveling the streets going to work or shopping, were you might encounter a poor or homeless person asking for help, pass on a flyer so they know where they can get help with winter type clothing and other type materials to help them survive this winter on November 24, 2012. I thank you in advance for your help, Richard G Tripp director Care Of Poor People.
Kansas City, MO 64151, USA, Kansas City, MO
Kansas City MO
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Saturday, November 24 @ 12:00 pm

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