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MELTING POT KC PRESENTS AS IT'S FIRST OFFERING, "OLD SCHOOL'S GHETTO GOSPEL" An original stage play by Harvey Williams. Opening in February, 2013. At The Just Off Broadway Theatre, 3051 Central, Kansas City Missouri. Ghetto Gospel Synopsis "We all on the corner, we all whores, but there's two kind of whores. Whores who want to be whores, and whores who don't know what they want to be." (OLD SCHOOL-GHETTO GOSPEL) That old man, on that corner, don't know nothing about nothing, but claims he knows something about everything. Who is this man? The comic relief? On that corner everyday, bottle in hand, greetin', teachin', preachin'. If he is nothing else, at the least he is a man, although seemingly less than one. Regardless of his measure of worth, like all men he has free will to choose, be that choice for the better or the worse, it renders consequence. That is one lesson that Old School knows, and one Gospel desperation forces him to deliver, we got ourselves where we are, and we will get ourselves where we go. "Life's circumstances ain't discriminatin' in this room." (OLD SCHOOL-GHETTO GOSPEL) Visit our website for more information and details. Http://www.kcmeltingpot.com
Just Off Broadway Theatre
Kansas City MO
27.5 - 27.5 USD
Performing Arts
Thursday, January 31 @ 7:30 pm

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