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Join us on Saturday for a few hours of conversation and fun with all the wonderful Storefront Owners in Kansas City. We've had a great time meeting you all throughout the week and thought it was time to get the group together in real life! The Kansas City Storefront community will be the driving force behind making the marketplace as a whole grow and we're excited.Feel free to bring along a friend or your family. We'd also love it if you could bring something to represent what you do on Zaarly.If you're a baker, bring some sweets to share.Make something custom? Bring it to show off on one of the tables we'll have setup.Amazing guitarist? Maybe we'll have time for a solo.We'll have some frozen drinks provided by www.zaarly.com/mmgmp and hopefully some food from our local chefs.Come and meet the team and hopefully some interesting guests who want to help spread the word in KC.See you on Saturday,Hof (913-634-1362) & Shane
Bizperc / Think Big Partners
Kansas City MO
Conferences & Tradeshows Sales & Retail
Saturday, November 17 @ 3:00 pm

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