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Supporting Acts: Born In Babylon, DJ Jabberock, DJ S Ranx Arm The Poor Arm the Poor is a 7 piece reggae band thhat started in the fall of 2010. Thee route members were born and KC and managed to make it out of the city, New Mexico Bob skanked it to ole New Mexico, Dave Dangerously smashed to the Bay Area in Cali. We all moved back to KC around last year sometime We scooped up the one drop kid and started to work out the kinks.. Months went by something was missing we were missing a full sound, alas now the introduction to our amazing 3 piece horn section Teddy, Emmett, and Aryana. Soon came after a new lead guitarist Rick Cole. Now were making tunes for you to groove to and some good bong hitting music.
Czar Bar
Kansas City MO
Concerts & Tour Dates
Monday, December 31 @ 7:00 pm

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