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By Richard Dormer Performed by Guy Masterson Directed by David Calvitto 35 minutes before curtain up... To act or not to act... that is the question. Readying himself for the ultimate challenge - Hamlet... solo... uncut, the actor prepares... either for his resurrection or his swan song, and the only thing to fear is fear itself. 50 years old, possibly talented, probably deluded, having sold his car, his father's gold watch and his wife has left him... in the hour before his first performance, the actor runs the gamut of his own demons. Having set himself the challenge, he must now deliver triumphantly or demure pathetically. The Half takes us into the confused mind of the actor flirting with self-destruction, on the edge of the very madness it takes to put oneself in front of the audience. What will be the outcome? Will he succeed? Will the audience get what they pay for? Will there even be an audience? Hysterical stuff..!
Central Standard Theatre at the MET
Kansas City MO
General Admission $20w / Student/Artist $15 / $2 o
Performing Arts
Friday, December 14 @ 9:30 pm

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