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With David Baxter and Frank Spackman - Directed By Lizzie Thomas Performed in London and on American television and stage, a seedy lawyer has been waiting for years to make a grandstand defense. He is assigned to defend an innocuous little man accused of murdering his wife. The man cheerfully admits his guilt; he simply couldn't stand his wife's constant joking and laughing. The trial ends and the verdict is a foregone conclusion. Harold Hobson of The Times, London, called Mortimer "a potential dramatist of very high rank - he can make a phrase do the work of twenty pages and he can make a word do the work of twenty phrases." The Stage wrote that The Dock Brief "fits the stage as snugly as it formerly fitted radio and television - the prose has a brisk Dickensian bounce."
Central Standard Theatre at the MET
Kansas City MO
General Admission$20 / Student/Artist $15 / $2 onl
Performing Arts
Friday, December 14 @ 7:30 pm

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