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Full Moon Ghost HuntOur paranormal guide will teach you how to use the tools you’ve seen on TV, they will share prior paranormal claims at that location, and send you out to take your own photographs, capture EVP’s, and measure both temperature changes and EMF variances as you explore the entire haunted house to get proof that these ghosts are real!The Discovery Channel’s show Ghost Lab filmed here in August and monitored this building for four days. The Hauntings are REAL! Don’t miss the final episode of Ghost Lab in December to see what they found. WHAT WILL YOU FIND?Full Moon Productions, Inc. is proud to present Kansas City’s first ever ghost hunt inside an actual commercial haunted house open to the public. Full Moon Productions has opened their historic and haunted buildings for Full Moon Ghost Hunts: A Special Paranormal Investigation.For many years actors and other “living” inhabitants of our buildings have reported strange and sometimes unbelievable occurrences that were unrelated to the commercial haunted house operations. Local paranormal investigators have been inside several of our 100 year old buildings and have reported "them as a hot bed of activity." In August of 2010 Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab filmed for 3 days at the Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe, located at 1100 Santa Fe. They reported on three different occasions EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) were captured combined with the feelings of being watched and cold spots which led the investigators to conclude the haunts might be “intelligent” (ghosts might be able to interact with Investigators) as opposed to “residual” (energy might be observed but will not usually respond to investigators). You can see the findings from Ghost Lab by clicking here.
Full Moon Productions
Kansas City MO
Other & Miscellaneous
Friday, November 23 @ 7:00 pm

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