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Christmas specials are a wonderful tradition and Studio 28 is proud to put on an annual live Christmas TV special every year for the American public, but with no celebrity host available the studio is in dire need of some divine intervention. Luckily, Andy the Angel Williams (recently passed Christmas Special legend) knows what to do: Make this an opportunity for deceased Bette Davis to earn her wings to get into heaven. The professional TV actors for A Very Merry Schtickmas Show! © perform to their very best by singing Christmas carols and dancing holiday hi-jinx, but nothing can stop an over-the-top Bette Davis from upstaging the cast and crew and soaking up all the attention in the Water Glass Symphony! Will Bette learn the true meaning of Christmas in time to save this year’s Christmas TV special and earn her wings? Or will the show fail miserably as Bette Davis drives everyone crazy into the New Year?
Martin City Melodrama
Overland Park KS
Performing Arts
Saturday, November 24 @ 7:30 am

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