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Michigan-born Navy veteran Drew Nelson is a storytelling songwriter. A fly fisherman and world traveler, he writes as a witness to the lives and journeys of those he has met along the way, mixing Americana and roots-rock with traditional folk styles.Drew has toured across North America and Europe, performing solo and opening for popular rock artists like Melissa Etheridge and Edwin McCain as well as esteemed folk singers like John Gorka. "Drew Nelson is one of my favorite new artists," John Gorka says. "His songs sound like the rest of us feel.dazed, angry, amazed and climbing." Born and raised in Northern England, Danny McGaw's pursuit of a musical career led him to Los Angeles, where the L.A. Times wrote that he "is soon to be discovered on a national scale" and "lyrically he is an original, with a solid voice that is distinct and memorable" and where two of his songs were placed in major motion pictures. He's now living in Kansas City and getting acclaim for this new CD, Eccles Road.
Unity Church of Lawrence
Lawrence KS
20 - 20 USD
Concerts & Tour Dates
Saturday, January 19 @ 7:30 pm

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