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Janet The Planet Genre: Funk & Fire Janet the Planet is a collection of four stand-up knock-down drag-out dudes who enjoy exploring all that music has to offer. We build many songs out of improvisation, while maintaining solid pieces that won't fall victim to getting lost in the moment. With a guitar, bass, a horn, drums, and lots of manipulation of noise, we have developed a broad sound which ranges from funk to rock to jazz to infinity and even beyond. Wrong Kata Trio One day, some guy performed the wrong kata and we were born. Description Wrong Kata Trio is a warm mix of funk, jazz, and atmospheric electronica. By blending their love of funk grooves with playful melodies and electronic effects, the Wrong Kata Trio creates a unique sound that feels like a great big audio hug. The Jorge Arana Trio These three adventurous fellows use their musical wanderlust to carve up sketches that cover free jazz, fusion, prog-jazz, metal, noise rock, and pretty much anything they deem necessary to move the story forward. (delimagazine)
Czar Bar
Kansas City MO
$5.00 - $6.00
Concerts & Tour Dates
Friday, February 8 @ 9:30 pm

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