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Moaning Lisa Moaning Lisa began from the ashes of two Kansas City bands... Deege and Post Noise Sensation. ML's first show was on the Lazer Alternative stage at Spiritfest 1998. With Wesley West on drums, David George on vocals, Alex Bender on bass, and Desmond Ramos on guitar. Eventually Greg Levine (from Deege) joined the band and recorded the full length Veronica Records release "Wonderful" at Red House Studios in Lawrence, KS. (aka Blacklodge) .. Craig Hill and Craig Haning quickly joined ML and spent the next two years touring every shit hole and glamour trap in the Midwest.Eventually, another line-up shuffle put Dennis Dunbar on the drums and BradGaddy playing bass when ML returned to Red House to record their follow up "Break Me". Finishing the disc up in Mankato at Two Fish Studios. Aquarium Records released it in the spring of 2003. Upon completing "Break Me" John Chambers filled Brad Gaddy's shoes and after a brief run in the Midwest ML decided to relocate in Los Angeles. In LA, ML attempted to kick some serious Rock and Roll ass and managed to pull off an amazing video for an unfortunately never released song called "Culture Killers". The video was directed and produced by Andrew Loos and Ben Krout of Sweet Lou and Lolo Productions. Hugo Chavez (from the WB band Prizefighter) joined and Moaning Lisa began work on the unrelased "Anachronimatic" for Get Ready Records. ML spent 5 days near Palm Springs to work with former Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder. .. After Hugo's departure Craig Haning moved to LA to rejoin ML in time to be a part of the video for “Gone Hollywood”, a large-scale, big budget video directed by Merit/Andrews. Johnny Giosa soon replaced Craig and rode out the last few Moaning Lisa shows. Halloween, at the now defunct Hard Rock Cafe (Beverly Hills) in 2006, would be the swan song. From the ashes of Moaning Lisa, Culture Killers was formed. Their first show was in November 2006 on the Playboy Channel's "Night Calls" 500.000+ viewers, followed by a sold out show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. John Chambers filled in on bass... and continues to fill in on bass. Currently Kelly King, from LA based band Pan Am, is playing drums for Culture Killers/Moaning Lisa.
The Riot Room
Kansas City MO
Concerts & Tour Dates
Friday, December 28 @ 8:00 pm

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