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The first session of the class is Sunday, Jan. 6th, at 6 PM. At the first session, attendees will learn the critical part of boiling, adding hops, chilling, sanitizing, and pitching yeast. The second session is two weeks later (Sunday, Jan. 20th, 6 PM). The class will learn how to bottle the 5 gallon batch of beer (sugar and yeast dosing, sanitizing bottles, crimping crowns, and bottle conditioning). Each participant takes home a 6-pack. The $35 cost of the class includes both sessions. The instructor has experience in a commercial brewery as well as homebrewing, is a beer judge, and owner/manager of a homebrew supply shop. She has taught this class five times in 2012, and classmates shared samples of their favorite beers.
Market 3, Kansas City Missouri
Kansas City MO
35 - 35 USD
Food & Wine
Sunday, January 6 @ 6:00 pm

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