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Byrd ~ van Roden Productions presents: Zee End of the World ~ Tres Tragique! With The French Cabaret a wistful performance of music, mime, mirth, manipulation and more with cocktails! Lots and lots of cocktails! on 12-21-12 with your hosts: Belleville featuring chanteuse Cynthia van Roden, Rick Mareske on guitar and John Miles on bass and Beth Byrd as your French Mime, Petite Columbe This month's guest artistes: Jazzbo - The Amazing One-Man-Band Kent & Kevin Mercer - Jugglers Extraordinaire Come...be enchanted with original confections of comedy, tragedy, music, mime and more performed to sweet renderings of French songs in this intimate setting. (Ooh La La) All with no regrets mon amis - For this is 12-21-12 Zee End of the World!!! So, give up all of your troubles and woes. They serve you no more. Let us serve you merriment one more time. Friday, December 21, 2012 at the Uptown Arts Bar 3611 Broadway www.uptownartsbar.com 816-960-4611
Uptown Arts Bar
Kansas City MO
Performing Arts
Friday, December 21 @ 7:00 pm

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