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Blue Springs Parks & Recreation is offering Fencing and Saber classes to adults and youth 8 years and older. Fencing is the art of armed combat involving weapons directly manipulated by the hand. Instructors are Wes Cline and Kevin Tisdale. Six-week classes are held at Hall McCarter Education Center, 5000 NW Valley View Road. Call Blue Springs Parks & Rec at 816-228-0137 with questions or to register with Visa, Discover or MasterCard. Introduction to Fencing This 6-weeks class covers the fundamentals of the sport through group and individual instruction. Fencing equipment is provided for this class. W 6:30-7:20 p.m. 1/9 - 2/13 $50 Mastering Fencing An ongoing class that is focused on the development and perfection of fencing basics. This 6-week class will prepare participants for actual fencing tournaments in the Kansas City area. Limited equipment available. 13 and under W 7:30-8:20 p.m. 1/9 - 2/13 $50 14 and over W 8:30-9:20 p.m. 1/9 - 2/13 $50 Basic Saber Basic Saber is a practical study in the art of Fencing with a Saber. This class should be preceded with a year of Mastering or equivalent. This is not a beginning fencing class! Understanding the basic footwork, distance and the ability to control ones actions is a must. W 7-8 p.m. 1/9 - 2/13 $50
Hall-McCarter Education Center
Blue Springs MO
$50 per 6 week session
Wednesday, February 13 @ 6:30 pm

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