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The Stock Market Game™ (SMG™) is a 10-week Internet educational simulation that encourages students to learn about stock markets and the American economic system. Over the last 25 years, this program has helped more than six million students nationwide and in 15 other countries learn how financial markets work and how capital is raised to fund business growth. SMG™ is used in grades 4-12, college courses, and by those who seek to learn more about investing. Teams of three to five students invest a hypothetical $100,000.00 in a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds listed on the New York and American stock exchanges and the NASDAQ market.Participants develop skills in personal finance, economics, math, language arts, social studies, business education, and technology while building and maintaining a stock portfolio. Teams use the Internet to follow their portfolios, research stocks, study how the financial markets work, enter trades with real time prices, manage budgets, and see their daily regional and state rankings as they compete with 20
UMKC School of Education
Kansas City MO
Other & Miscellaneous
Tuesday, January 22 @ 5:00 pm

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