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Longhorn The Comedian (or LH, by his fans and his Momma calls him Vernon) is known far and wide and "yes" he is a real cowboy.He was born and raised in central Texas and traveled all over the country. His comedy comes from his life experiences in Texas and his extensive travels, Longhorn has created a very unique style of humor that he calls "Longhorn Comedy. Longhorn Comedy is a mix of blue collar, urban, mainstream comedy, and with a dash of great positive messaging all rolled into one. LH has been crisscrossing North America and Europe delivering his own brand of "Longhorn comedy" to his devoted fans in all sorts of venues: from bars, night clubs, and comedy clubs to colleges, military bases, corporate conventions, to even churches. LH is funny enough, flexible enough, and diverse enough to meet any and all of your comedy needs. As LH motto states "Laughter Has No Color", and because of this philosophy Longhorn Comedy appeals to a very large mass of your clients. Featuring Kansas City's own Randy Burgard. Host and MC...Russ Emery
Hooligans Comedy Club and Live Music
Leavenworth KS
7 - 7 USD
Performing Arts Nightlife & Singles
Friday, February 15 @ 7:30 pm

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