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For centuries, many teachers have spoken about Awakening, but were unable to give the experience. Now at this pivotal time in history, a powerful energy has been gifted to humanity with the ability to initiate the process of Awakening in each individual who recieves it ~ the Oneness Blessing.  During the Oneness Awakening Course, experienced Oneness Trainer, Lily Berkley, will lead you through the core Oneness teachings, guide you through ancient techniques to heal your primary relationships and open your life to the flow of more grace, and initiate you to be able to share the Oneness Blessing with friends, family, patients and more.  Lovingly designed to create a huge leap in your spiritual growth, this weekend will transform your life.  Are you ready?For more information please see www.OnenessKansasCity.com or contact Oneness Trainer Lily Berkley at LilyLotus23@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting you on the journey!Blessings,Lily & Catherine 
Peace of Earth Home Studio
Kansas City MO
Conferences & Tradeshows Religion & Spirituality
Friday, January 25 @ 6:00 pm

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