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This class is for those who understand basic investing terms and it emphasizes evaluating the fundamentals of a growth company, adding judgment using suggested research sources, and projecting future growth. The Kansas City Chapter of BetterInvesting will be using software programs to teach the Stock Selection Guide (SSG). Emphasis will be on understanding the SSG using suggested research sites found on the internet, judgment and importing the data using S&P Data Service. SSG I completes the visual portion on the front of the Stock Selection Guide.  Entries will include debt, insider and institutional holdings, latest quarter sales and earnings.  Historical Sales and EPS growth rate will be analyzed, and a projected rate of growth will be estimated.  Section 2, Management, on the back side will also be evaluated and taught. All of the SSG Classes are progressive - each assuming you have an understanding of information in the previous class.  A printed PowerPoint handout of each class presentation will be provided.  The Stock Selection Handbook along with the other Handbooks will be available for purchase at all classes for $15/members and $20/nonmembers.
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Overland Park KS
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Saturday, February 2 @ 8:30 am

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