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DESCRIPTION  SynopsisJoe Hughes is an up-and-coming musician. People would come to church just to hear him play. When he gets discovered, and is offered the deal of a lifetime, he becomes disillusioned by the fame and the money. Being happy looks a lot different from what he thought. Suddenly, he finds himself plagued by dreams that won’t allow him a full night’s sleep. From gospel to R & B to Negro spirituals and jazz, join Joe on a journey to discover his destiny as a singer-musician in the black community. AboutHeart of David is an artistic expression of the African American Forerunner Alliance, assembled to effectively communicate the good news of the gospel through the arts. The African American Forerunner Alliance is dedicated to serving the Lord’s purposes for the black community. The Lord is calling forth a generation out of the African American community, anointing preachers and worship leaders who will stand as prophetic messengers and worshipers. Forerunner Arts is committed to using the arts as a vehicle to preach the glorious gospel
FSM Auditorium
Grandview MO
Performing Arts
Wednesday, February 13 @ 7:00 pm

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