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home Leela Community Play Day

On Community Play Day unique arts and holistic offerings will be shared to celebrate self expression while providing tools and skills to support emotional, intellectual, and creative growth. This will be an afternoon of friendship and creative play as we explore music, paper snowflake cutting, dance, drums, movement and vocal play, singing crystals bowls, healthy cooking for kids, and more. Leela Project is sponsored by community members excited about sharing opportunities for children and families to expand self-esteem, community, creative play, and learning in warm, safe, and nurturing environment!. ***Please arrive a few minutes early for workshops! Schedule for the day: Interplay and Drumming: 3:00 --Interplay is a series of integrative play activities designed to facilitate freedom in play. For adults and children. Drumming also incorporated Yoga/breathwork/chakra work for Children and Adults: 4:15 Cooking/nutrition class w/potluck: 5:15 --bring a dish for a potluck which incorporates healthy cooking demos from Natalie George, co-owner of Cafe Gratitude. Singing bowls and arts classes: 6:15 Dance Jam and drumming-7:15-8:15 --non-choreographed dance for children and adults to a soundtrack based upon the 5rhythms concept. Drumming workshop/jam also going on during this time. _____________ The Leela Village Project at Ubuntu Village is facilitated by talented artists/educators of the community who are passionate about youth and community development. We believe in education geared toward life skills, creativity, socialization, cognitive growth and leadership development. Our objective is to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children and adults can learn to build self-esteem, self-expression, and to value diversity. Our programs are designed to develop and enrich our youth encounters with the world, their community and each other. We are proponents of the idea that learning and community-building happen through play. Our Mission: Nurturing the gifts of mind, body, spirit through community play and alternative learning opportunities. We have a vision of being an ever-growing resource for community enrichment and enlightenment through providing non-traditional educational and experiential opportunities. Watch us grow on facebook and join our group! --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/332345206874338/
Ubuntu Village Community Center
Kansas City MO
Suggested donation $5-10 for adults, $1 for childr
Art Galleries & Exhibits Neighborhood Kids & Family
Saturday, January 19 @ 3:00 pm

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