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Heartfelt Anarchy is the new project from D/WILL (artist/producer) and Les Izmore of the band Hearts of Darkness and also the Soul Providers Crew. This is a special event. Opening Set by DJ Soulnice 10:30pm Diverse 11:00pm Heartfelt Anarchy 11:30pm Intermission 11:35pm Diverse 12:05am Heartfelt Anarchy Diverse: Diverse is an equal opportunity institution. It's first official gig was on September 23rd 2007 under a different name and was subsequently changed to Diverse after more opportunities arose and it was decided to become a full time band. This group features the talents of 5 local musicians fronted by horn men Hermon Mehari with the equally unique and talented rhythm section of Ryan Lee (drums), Ben Leifer (Bass). Diverse is adept at jazz, gospel, funk, fusion and others all blended together to make one unique sound. Diverse recently made a journey to Boise, Idaho to compete in the Gene Harris Jazz Festival's 1st annual jazz competition. They made it through 3 rounds against 13 other bands from all over the country to compete in the finals against the amazing Alex Pinto Quartet from Los Angeles and the innovative and incredible Speak from Seattle, Washington. Diverse ended up winning a chance to open up for Roy Haynes' Birds of a Feather group and also won a recording contract with Origin records. Diverse has also taken initiatives to collaborate with many artists and play in a variety of musical settings. The group has performed with jazz greats Bobby Watson, Jaleel Shaw and Logan Richardson in a series of concerts designed to promote these respective artists’ music to a new audience. Diverse has also collaborated with many Kansas City based artists of other genres to perform shows in tribute to Michael Jackson, Common’s “Like Water For Chocolate” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Low End Theory”. The Diverse Trio, consisting of Mehari, Leifer and Lee, has conducted both stateside and European tours in the past two years.
The Record Bar
Kansas City MO
$10 includes Heartfelt Anarchy album.
Concerts & Tour Dates
Friday, February 1 @ 10:00 pm

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