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KS/NE Tribal Climate & Weather MeetingAn extreme event such as droughts and floods impact all of the Great Plains, but is magnified in Indian Country with the floods of 2011, and the ice storms of 2010 as prime examples. Strong partnerships among federal agencies, tribes and tribal colleges must occur in order to prepare for these extreme events. Engagement must be based on trust, and occur as a two way street with tribes learning about services that agencies provide, and the agencies learning about appropriate ways to engage tribes and the rich cultural knowledge that define them.Please join NOAA, the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) and the NOAA Central Region Climate Services to engage in conversations of mutual relevance to the tribes and the federal agencies as it relates to weather extremes, emergency preparedness, forecasting and climate change. Tribal Community Resilience Training FEMA Certified This 1-day training course will provide state and local government agency staff and other stakeholder groups with background on natural hazards and work through an approach to (1) assess community resilience and (2) develop next steps for improved resilience. The course will be developed to enhance awareness of natural hazards and best practices to enhance community resilience for state and local government agency staff that routinely interface with the community, private sector, and other stakeholder groups. The course will be designed for national implementation, while allowing integration of local concerns through case studies and focused group exercise. 
Haskell Indian Nations University
Lawrence KS
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Thursday, February 21 @ 9:00 am

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