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We are in need of patients for our National Dental Boards Clinical Examination on Sunday, March 17th and/or Monday, March 18th We are looking for patients who are in need of: * Small fillings * A “deep cleaning” with scaling and root planning For your time, you will be reimbursed with free x-rays during student screening and dentals services during the Boards Exams. You must qualify under ALL of the following criteria, no exceptions will be accepted. 1. Must be over 18 years old 2. Must be in good overall health 3. Must be reliable for attending your appointments 4. Currently not in braces or fixed orthodontics 5. Do not have dentures or the need for dentures 6. Over 16 teeth with back molar teeth 7. Not currently receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment 8. MUST be available Sunday, March 17th and/or Monday, March 18th for a four hour AM or PM session We will be holding a public “Screening” session on Saturday, January, 26th from 9:00 am
UMKC Dental School
Kansas City MO
Saturday, January 26 @ 9:00 am

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