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Meeting Topic:   Team Retrospectives: A Look Around to ImprovementMeeting Learning:   Overview of the theory and practice around team retrospectives and through Q&A, learn what has worked for others, what has not and what might work in your organization.Meeting Description:  An integral part of any lean or agile process is the ability to build a self-directed team that follows a sustainable process.   Adding to this, one of the leading reasons why agile adoptions fail in organizations is that the practices often times don’t fit the current culture and figuring out how to adjust the practice and\or culture is difficult and often wrought with risks.  In this month’s meeting we’ll be talking specifically about one practice related to inspect and adapt that every team can leverage to become more self-directed and continually refine a sustainable process. Steve Kappes-Sum of Hallmark Cards, Inc. will present the: Why, What, How, When and Who of the team retrospective as it relates to Hallmark Cards. Martin Olson will assist Steve in helping answer your questions about starting or improving your teams’ retrospectives.   Plan on attending this month’s meeting and learn how getting better results from your team and process might be as easy as ‘Looking Around’About the Speakers:Steve Kappes-Sum has been driving and evangelizing for business improvement for over twenty years.  Steve’s assignments have taken him from steam tunnels to board rooms and many of the places in between for both non-profits and those looking for the big score.  These days after working with groups at Hallmark Cards applying Lean and Agile thinking, he stretches his imagination building Lego robots with his kids.  Steve’s email address is Steve.Kappes-Sum@hallmark.com.Martin Olson has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years and has been helping teams improve their processes as an agile coach for over eleven years.  Martin is admittedly evangelical about some aspects of agile and lean practices, including continuous process improvement, transparency, quality and craftsmanship.  He can be reached at Molson@siliconprairiesolutions.comHope to see you there!
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Leawood KS
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Thursday, January 24 @ 6:30 pm

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