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Any outdoorsman can ID trees with their leaves on, but bona fide tree nerds can even identify them in the winter. Join Urban Forester Chuck Conner as he teaches how to identify trees when they re naked . Participants in this workshop will learn the basics of tree identification including leaf shapes, arrangements, buds, twig, fruit, bark, form, position in the landscape, and other characteristics used to identify trees. Students will learn how to use reference books and keys to help identify trees in both a classroom setting and in the field. Special emphasis will be given to the identification of native deciduous trees in their leaf-off or dormant condition using species specific characteristics and keys. Please wear clothing appropriate for going outdoors for approximately one hour. Workshop is free, but a Missouri winter tree key needs to be purchased for $3. Registration required at 816-228-3766 (Adults).
Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center
Blue Springs MO
Outdoors & Recreation
Saturday, February 2 @ 8:30 am

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