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It is time we address the root cause of crime. No more excuses,join Rep.Brandon Ellington Febuary 2, 2013 as he brings you to the forum to address real solutions to "crime", this is your time to speak directly to law makers, enough is enough we the people are taking a stand, we don't need bandages too our wounds, we are demading a real fix, no more handouts to groups that don't work with the victims of the community are self appointed leaders but real folks need real answers. Enough is Enough we are taking a stand together. Reclaiming our communities is our goal.this event. this will be a question and answer event. If you would to help Voices Of the people with this event and many more there will be at meeting Thursday January 31, 2012 at 5pm at 4010 Pennsylvania in kcmo. For info contact Thurman Davis at tmdvoicesofthepeople@yahoo.com or MS. E at 816 651-0044
Robert J. Mohart Center
Kansas City MO
Conferences & Tradeshows
Saturday, February 2 @ 2:00 pm

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