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Sharpen your Employment Search Skills.....A Professional Career Seminar for you!Enroll in the next Workplace Readiness Refresher Workshop      Tuesday, February 12, 2013 5-7pm @ Rockhurst Community Center                           5401 Troost Ave., Rockhurst Campus, KCMO 64110                                                      Are you a baby boomer? College graduate? Unemployed? Or just ready to change careers? We can help.high demand careers? Is your Social Media profile approprital        Workplace Readiness - Where are the high demand careers? Are you interview ready? Is your             Social Media profile on point? What's old school vs new school?Refresher - Not sure about online applications? Career Planning goals need to be redefined? Online personal assessments? What is a digital resume? Embarrased sometimes or unfamiliar with hiring processes?Workshop - Tired of looking to the popular job hunter resources? Little results? Too much red tape to get help? Be sure to attend these highly informative free workshops for facts and result based trainings. Technical and internet training.Career Planning Workshops are only two hours and are free!Also available - Personalized fee based appointment opportunities for the personal portflio consulting.                                                          DEADLINE for Registration February 10, 2013REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED, but preferred!Enroll in the next Workplace Readiness Refresher Workshop - WRRW  Presented by:Pauline Johnson, Education and Certified Career Consultant, Scholar Smarts OwnerJim Voska, MA Educator and Professional Career Trainer , CAPKA Entreprises  OwnerFor further information send email to:scholarsmartskcmo@gmail.com or call 816 616-8544.
Rockhurst University
Kansas City MO
Conferences & Tradeshows
Tuesday, February 12 @ 5:00 pm

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