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Brad Murphey has distinguished himself as a versatile songwriter, arranger and guitarist. Original songs, such as, "Tom's Song" and "Soul of the Nation," are soulful fragments of lost dreams. Others, such as "Third Bombay" and "Uncle Chronic," give us insights into his twisted sense of humor. His arrangements of standards like, "Hard Times Come Again No More" and "Long Black Veil" are fresh and emotional. Murphey has also arranged guitar lines for Unique Drive’s “So It Be” and is currently writing choral arrangements and lyrics for their song, “Foolish World,” soon to be released. Brad is a ‘by-product’ of Northwestern College Conservatory, where he concentrated on classical composition and conducting. He worked in theater as an actor and make-up artist, designing make-up for small and large theaters and has acted in musicals and musical comedies. As a folk-singer, Brad has played coffeehouses, church basements and street corners. He has brought American Folk Music into classrooms and done seminars on Protest songs in America, some of which date back to the late 1600’s and taking their roots from English and Celtic traditions. His family’s roots in music go back to his earliest ancestor in the American Colonies, who was ex-communicated (unfriended?) by the Quaker Church for “singing songs, not of a praise-like nature on Sunday.” His father was one of the original members of the Northstar Drama Guild, which became the Old Log Theater (the longest running reparatory theater in the US). His grandmother played the mandolin and his uncle was a jazz violinist in Minneapolis. Teresa Frank started out as a dancer, performing in Dance Lines and Competition Disco (back in the ‘80’s, it was not a contact sport). About this same time, she started to explore other forms of artistic expression and found that she had a talent for music. She took voice lessons at MacPhail Institute in Minneapolis and started working under Bea Speed, world-recognized choral director. She played bass in local bands, then took time off to raise her family. In the last few years, Teresa has found her voice again and also found that she has a talent for percussion, especially, Bodhran and djembe. Her voice lends a silky texture to Murphey’s Midnight Rounders’ harmonies and soulfulness to her lead vocals. Longtime family friend Bonnie joined the group in 2010, to fill the need for another female vocalist. None of them could have guessed how well they would work together. Two years later, they’re really hitting a groove. Bonnie comes from a background in music, theatre, dance and visual arts. With an all-around behind-the-scenes position in the Unhinged Theater Company, and as a member of various choirs for 14 years, the opportunity to perform and help create original music has been a wonderful experience. On her 21st birthday, Bonnie received the best gift she could ask for-playing a 2 hour live show for all her friends. Bonnie has recently been featured on Unique Drive's "Foolish World" singing lead vocals.
Fat Matt's Vortex
Kansas City KS
No cover charge, heavy drinks and folk lovers appr
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Friday, February 8 @ 9:30 pm

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