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The historic Drum Room is located within the newly remodeled luxury Hilton President Kansas City hotel. The Hilton President Hotel was officially opened on January 5, 2006, thus adding another quality venue for the many world-class jazz musicians based in the city to perform. The Hilton President Hotel renovation project was integrated by the Cordish Co., of Baltimore into the new "Kansas City Live" development, headlined by the world headquarters of H&R Block & Co. Headquarters hotel for the 1928 Republican National Convention which nominated Herbert Hoover for President of the USA. Some historic facts... ::The Drum Room with Warren Durrett's Orchestra served as the backdrop for many noteable performers on their way through Kansas City over the years. ::Singer Marilyn Maye got her start in the Drum Room in 1955 with Warren Durrett's Orchestra before going on to the Tonight Show, Las Vegas and a long career in pop and jazz.
Hilton President Kansas City 1335 Baltimore,
Kansas City MO

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