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Memorial Hall is a Veteran’s Memorial and historic entertainment and events venue located in downtown Kansas City, Kansas (Minutes from from the Power and Light district located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri and 20 minutes from KCI airport) Celebrating the buildings 85th anniversary throughout 2010, Memorial Hall hosts various events from big name concerts, International Mixed Martial Arts shows, and professional wrestling to wedding receptions and graduations. The venue has recently been renovated and continues to receive upgrades, however the historical aspect of the building remains untouched and intact. The hall has two wings of offices on the third floor and a reception type hall that could hold over 500 sharing the floor. On the lower level is the main hall where concerts and other large entertainment events may be seen. There is a main floor on the bottom sharing the stage; the floor holds up to 1000 patrons. Surrounding the floor and stage are the upper and lower “bowls” with individual seats totaling a capacity of 2500. Memorial Hall offers handicap access to all clients and client guests and is accessed through the main foyer entrance. Call (913) 549-4853.
600 North Seventh Street Kansas City,
Kansas City KS

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